Publishing History


Oceans of Wisdom: Knowledge is Wealth – Share, Utilize and Acquire More. By Naheed Ahmed. (Edited by Erum Ahmed). Karachi, November 2013.

Knowledge is power; acquire, apply and impart. By Naheed Ahmed. (Edited by Erum Ahmed). Karachi, May 2007.

Social Studies Book 1-Book 5, Houston Educational Publisher (USA), 2002.



Short Stories:

Christmiss & Christme, Smash, February 2014.

Shopaholic Lady, Smash, February 2014.

Mehdi and Mama, Smash, January 2014.

Romancing a Ghost, Smash, October 2013.

The Wisest Vizier, Smash, July 2013.

A Leader Called Donald, Smash, June 2013.

Would you believe it?, Smash, May 2013.

Hotel Dance, Smash, April 2013.

Saint’s Hill, Smash, February 2013.

Living Words, Smash, January 2013.

Welcome to Lalaland, Smash, January 2013.

The Painter, Smash, December 2012.

Celebration, Smash, October 2012.

Dream Friends, Smash, September 2012.

Cruelty to Land, Smash, August 2012.

Clean Living Boy, Smash, July 2012.

All Pretty Friends, Smash, June 2012.

Insights into Affairs of the Heart, Smash, June 2012.

Great Mother, Smash, May 2012.

Jokes Apart, Smash, April 2012.

Baby Toy, Smash, April 2012.

Two Trains in a Row, Journal of Experimental Fiction (USA), Vol. 34, June 2007.

Goodness High Junior Model Grammar School, Smash!, April 2003.

Naima’s Complaint, Smash!, February 2003.




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Democracy, Conceit Magazine (USA), April 2010.

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Free, Amulet (USA), December 2009.

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Your Words, Your Jewels, Al-Kanoon, March 2004.

My brother, Your brother, Al-Kanoon, May 2004.




Forensic Science for Law and Order, Smash, January 2014.

The Theory of Paradigm Change, Smash, November 2013.

Season’s Colours, Smash, September 2013.

Potatoes Generate Electricity, Smash, May 2013.

Scientific Fallacies to the Core, Smash, April 2013.

Leonardo da Vinci, Smash, March 2013.

If I were, Smash, March 2013.

Confucius, Smash, February 2013.

What’s in a Name?, Smash, February 2013.

Philosophizing, Smash, January 2013.

How Architecture Influences Us, Smash, January 2013.

The Boffo Doctor, Smash, December 2012.

The Art of Studying, Smash, December 2012.

The Paris Signature, Smash, November 2012.

Mushrooms: Friends to the Immune System, Smash, November 2012.

Chemistry as an Extracurricular Intellectual Pursuit, Smash, October 2012.

Truth in Fiction, Smash, October 2012.

Past, Present & Future of Astronomy, Smash, July 2012.

Scientific Theories, Smash, May 2012.

Science of Oranges, Smash, April 2012.

How to be a Genius, Smash, March 2012.

When Mountains Fly Apart, Smash, March 2012.

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